Native American Jedi

Is it time for a Native American Jedi?

The Star Wars universe is a vast space with limitless potential. This is something many already know. As fickle as the fandom may seem at times, there is always room for new characters and character development of already well-known characters. This is something we have been witnessing with the introduction of The Mandalorian. Not only have we seen the introduction of the ultra-popular Din Grogu but the building of development of characters like Bo-Katan Kryze and Ahsoka Tano. This show has given a little bit of fresh life back into the Star Wars universe. Is this where we could have a Native American Jedi introduced to us

The show itself has been referred to as a space western. The fast gun of Mando and appearances from Timothy Olyphant really drives that vibe home. This is the perfect opportunity to introduce a Native American inspired Jedi. I have seen comparison to Native American tribes to the Ewoks and the Tusken Raiders. But a Jedi more in line with Native Americans and a connection to their environment (the force) just works. Long have we been given Jedi more resembling a Monk than anything else. After order 66, it would make sense that a Jedi would turn back to the culture from which they came.

Am I looking for a Cowboy verse Indian scenario? The answer is no. I’m looking for the inclusion of a demographic that can fit well in the new universe. Disney could give us a character we can be proud of. Unlike the characters from movies like Pocahontas and Peter Pan of their ethically questionable past. We could have a beautiful connection to this universe many of us already love.

Is this something you would like to see? What would you name them? Would it be a name in English, a Indigenous language, or in a language unique to Star Wars? What color and style would their lightsaber be? Would they be a Grey Jedi? Comment and tell us what you think.

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